Our primary focus is to provide a confidential, compassionate setting where women and couples facing unexpected pregnancies find the hope and practical help needed to choose life for their children and themselves. We want people of all ages, from all walks of life, to experience God’s love as we walk alongside them in difficult situations – no matter what choice they make.


Pregnancy-Related Services

Our help for women, men and teens facing or at-risk for unplanned pregnancy begins with free pregnancy testing and medical confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound. The ultrasound also dates the pregnancy, while providing a loving look at the life growing inside the womb. Women who miscarry are offered pregnancy loss support; women who are conflicted…

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Parenting Preparation

Choosing to continue a pregnancy and to parent a child can feel overwhelming at first – especially if a woman or couple is uninsured, young or unsupported. PREP (our Parenting Readiness & Enrichment Program) was designed with these situations in mind. PREP includes one-on-one sessions where our peer counselors build transformational relationships with moms and…

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RENEW’s “Getting Ahead” Program

Our Paterson Center includes a transformational education program offered by our Paterson partner, RENEW Life Center. The program, “Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World,” turns participants into facilitators as they help one another discover their barriers to getting ahead, and identify the key resources needed to overcome these challenges. Lighthouse and RENEW share…

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Relationship Support

Women and men of all ages are offered opportunities to participate in our on-site Positive Partnerships and Sexual Integrity programs, which can be tailored to couples’ or individual’s needs, particularly if someone has experienced past sexual trauma or is struggling with a sexual addiction. For couples coping with an unexpected pregnancy, we seek to improve…

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