Lighthouse longs to see teens and young adults live with sexual integrity and wholeness. Our goal is not only to prevent unplanned pregnancy, but to equip women and men of all ages to enjoy fulfilling, lasting relationships, free from the negative physical and emotional consequences of casual sex.


STD Testing

Lighthouse provides testing free-of-charge at all center locations for Chlamydia and gonorrhea, the two most common bacterial sexually transmitted diseases among young adults today. This service allows our nurses to lovingly share accurate information about the life-altering consequences of sex outside of marriage. Learn more here

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REALife Relationship and Love Training for Teens

Lighthouse provides REALife Relationship & Love Training to schools, churches and other student groups in our community at no cost. We want to see teens and young adults have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships possible. We believe that making good sexual decisions plays a big part in achieving that goal…

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Research shows that utilizing creative activities such as dance can increase the effectiveness of abstinence-focused education. In an effort to reduce risky behavior among teen girls and promote healthier lifestyles for teen moms, Lighthouse launched Steps4Life, a program that combines Zumba fitness with discussions about self-worth, self-care and healthy relationships…

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