There is a lot of pain and hurt connected to pregnancy loss and termination – but few safe places to deal with the emotions connected to these experiences. Fear of judgment or shame leads many wounded women, men and teens to suffer in silence. Lighthouse is committed to binding up the brokenhearted, comforting those who mourn, and restoring a spirit of gladness and praise to those who despair.


Individual Post-abortion Support

Lighthouse provides one-on-one peer counseling for those who need a non-judgmental, caring place to process the emotions of a past abortion. Many of our peer counselors have experienced post-abortion stress (PAS), and also know firsthand the healing and freedom that is possible when you bring this situation into the light of God’s love. To understand…

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Forgiven & Set Free Support Groups

The type of post-abortion support offered varies based on where a person is on her spiritual journey and her road toward healing. Lighthouse offers Scripture-based small groups for those whose abortion was in the past, and who now value God’s perspective on their experience. Forgiven & Set Free is offered several times a year for…

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