Board of Directors

To ensure the highest level of accountability as we carry out our important work, Lighthouse is governed by a responsible, independent Board of Directors, with a minimum of five members at any time. Our Board reflects a variety of church affiliations, skill sets, and leadership experience. Lighthouse Board members can serve up to two consecutive three-year terms before rotating off, opening up opportunities for others to bring their passion and perspectives to the ministry.

Our current Board members include:Lighthouse PRC board of directors
Carol Youngmann – Chair
Lynn Moorhead – Vice Chair
Diane Wade – Recording Secretary
Bob Wick – Corporate Secretary/ Treasurer
Dwayne Leverett
Krystal Lassiter
Matthias Prinz
Debbie Provencher – Non-Voting Member

Churches Represented

Lighthouse serves as an extension of the Church, partnering with local congregations to carry out our God-given calling to care for the orphans and widows of our time. As a faith-based organization, it is our policy and conviction to have a variety of churches represented by our Board of Directors.  Our current Board includes members of: Cornerstone Christian Church, Grace Redeemer Church, New Beginnings Church, Hawthorne Gospel Church, Calvary Temple, Calvary Baptist and Bridgeway Community Church. In addition, our supporters and volunteers represent over 50 churches of various denominations located throughout Northern New Jersey, as well as statewide organizations like the Knights of Columbus. We are grateful for the variety of ways that God’s people bring hope and love to life through Lighthouse!

ECFA Membership

ecfaLighthouse has been a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability since 2009. We abide by the ECFA’s Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship and are audited by an independent accountant annually to ensure we are following best practices and demonstrating integrity in all we do.

We take seriously our stewardship of our donors’ contributions, and desire to carry out our operations and utilize our resources in a responsible manner. A copy of our most recent tax filing and financial statements may be accessed on the ECFA website, or requested by emailing or calling 973-238-9047 x10.